Scaling up a Pattern to Life-Size (using your home printer!)

The video version of this post is here.

I have enlarged small-scale patterns from books many different ways, the method often depending on both the specific pattern and what resources I have available to me at the time. I’ve hand drawn a pattern on large sheets of paper, I’ve used projectors to scale things up so I can trace them, and today I’ll show you how to print a pattern on a standard printer.

Patterns of Fashion 5, published by The School of Historical Dress.
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Heraldic Dress


Based on the 14th-century brass effigies, particularly the beautiful heraldic ones, I have sewn a colorful gown! This is an extra long video, hope you enjoy!

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Carpenter’s Shirt and Tunic

We have your bottom half covered with the hose, but what about your top half? You’ll need a shirt and over tunic!

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Quick and Dirty Fashion Overview

Testy test.

I dunno…. start at 1200 maybe?


Then 1250?  Or is that too big of a space?

I guess 1300’s now.

And maybe

Mens’ Stirrup Hose

Good Morning everyone!  Today’s post is about how to make a simple pair of joined hose! Read more ›

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Making a Stocking Pattern

Wanna make stockings for your sexy 14-16th century kit?

Wanna be lazy and not have to draft or drape them?

YEAH, ME TOO!  So join me and wrap your legs in duct-tape, it’s the best! Read more ›

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Red Dress

I recently found and marathoned through the fabulous Amazon show ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’!  Its a funny show, with lots of beautiful costuming, set in 1957ish.  The main character in particular has some amazing dresses. Read more ›

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Pewter Casting: Horseshoe Pin

Earlier this year, our local medieval dress up group was going to hold a big event at a new site, and their logo is a flying horseshoe. Unfortunately, we were not able to hold the event this year due to all the fires in the area, but I still made a site token, and thought you guys might like to see how I made it!

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Retro Dress Diary: Butterick 6018

New dress and new video!

If you don’t have time/sound for a video right now, here’s the transcript!

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Laurel Gown

I joined the Order of the Laurel this past May, and made a new 1590’s Venetian dress for the occasion!

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