Lamellar Continued, and a C-Belt

So, I had to do something with all those lamellar pieces I made, right?

First I tied rows of it together using some paracord – I think it took about 27 of them to go around my body?
Starting a new row

Then I tie the new row to the previous rows I already made and put togother.
Tying on

Done!  Lamellar bottoms to protect the rest of my torso that the chest plate doesn’t reach.
Chest Armor

So then I decided I needed a girdle belt / C-Belt to replace the tiny inch thick belt I was using to hold up my leg armor.
I remember seeing some other tutorial using duct-tape to make the pattern, and decided to do the same.
This is what I ended up with:
Ducttape belt pattern

However, I was getting some help from Galen, and he suggested that I would want it longer on the sides (not just the front like the tape pattern) to help act as additional protection there.  His belt is on the bottom, and the one we made for me is on top.  I might deepen the curve a bit more, but I will see how this works out first.
His pattern and mine

Punching holes for the belt buckle.
Punching Holes

Belt opening

Shaving down the area where the belt loop thing bends over.

This is the old belt, and the strap that was holding the legs up.  We took off the straps, and cut them down a bit shorter: they were too long for my legs.
Taking off the old straps

And here is my belt on with the legs!  The straps need to be cut down a bit, but they arnt really hurting anything as they are now.
New Belt!

And with my chest armor over top!

Side view of the chest, showing how it closes.  Might add one more lame where theres a little white space there, lol.

Back view, showing off my unprotected butt :(
Back of Armor


Putting some Thread Locker into the screw rivets, to hopefully keep them from undoing themselves.
Screw Glue Stuff


And done!  Leather demi gauntlets are next on the list, once I get the pattern from Ivan tonight :)

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