Year: 2011

16th Century German Dress

I wrote a nice long diary post about this dress, and LJ (I originally wrote this post on LiveJournal) very meanly ate it.  I am in no mood to retype it, but I still want to share pictures.  So here you go,

ToDo list for Pennsic: Tuesday Update

I made some things today!

Yay mom’s dress!  Done now, so mom will have 4 dresses for war.

Hello! I have been muchly busy…

As you may or may not know, I go to MD to visit my parents each summer.  Last year I finally got to go to Pennsic, and this year I am going again!  However, I didn’t bring any garb, figuring

Elizabethan Coifs!

So.  Coifs.  Those damned things that I almost never see anyone wearing, and if I do, they are just sitting on the lady’s head.  Staying on….how?  Pinned to the hair or relying on a tight hat over it to keep

Grey/Blue Italian Kirtle

Pennsic is on its way and I need clothing before then.  Time for a new dress! I really liked the bright blue dress I made a few months ago and I have been looking at some of the gamurra dresses others

Elizabethan Sweet Bag

15th Century Pink Dress

I first learned about draping fabric on a body or dress form as a way of getting a pattern via She has had two wonderfully picture filled tutorials up for several years now, one for a curved front seam

Italian Paintings: Hair in 1540-1610

Hello there!  I have been reassembling my picture library, and have been particularly intrested in collecting italian, late period images.  What I have is far from complete, but I am getting there, and have already started looking at interesting things. This

Turquoise Italian Working-Class Dress

Wooot!  I have been working on this dress for a while (March 27th to May 13th), and got to wear it all finished and pretty at Damsels in Distress.  I was thinking about entering it into the Baronial A&S, but