Making Turnshoes

Making Turnshoes

I made a pair of turnshoes a few years ago as a Christmas present.  I learned a few things (Like a bigger upper is a good idea, you can always cut away the extra if it’s too high), and finally decided it was about time I make a pair for myself.

First the soles: I traced the shape of my foot on a piece of paper and then transfered the shape to some thick leather.  The feet look different because my feet are shaped different.   Holes were punched in the sole with an awl to make sewing easier later.


Then I made a pattern for my upper using some red scrap fabric I had on hand.  Just sort of draped it over my foot and marked with a pen/marker where the fabric touched the ground.  The leather for the uppers was generously given to me by reynier

To start sewing, I align the toe of the upper and the sole and begin sewing there.

Soles and Uppers

Using some thread I happened to have on hand because I was too impatient to wait till I got home to sew them (was at Reynier’s house for crafty hangout time).


Fronts are on!

God I have pale legs.

Shoe on Foot

Sewing on the back

Soaking in the sink.


And after it has been turned inside out!  Success!
Bottom of the Shoe

Completed shoes after the side seams were sewn up.

Finished Shoes

They seem to fit pretty well :D  I look forward to testing them out.
Finished Shoes!

I try to post my projects in an easy to read, dress diary type format. When I first started learning to sew historical outfits, I found dress diaries to be the most helpful learning tools. I want to contribute my projects in the hopes that they will prove just as useful for others.

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  1. James Morrow says:

    Thanks for sharing this information

  2. Gormlaith says:

    It looks like perhaps you cut an additional piece for the heel? Do you have any method for that?

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