Month: May 2011

Italian Paintings: Hair in 1540-1610

Hello there!  I have been reassembling my picture library, and have been particularly intrested in collecting italian, late period images.  What I have is far from complete, but I am getting there, and have already started looking at interesting things. This

Turquoise Italian Working-Class Dress

Wooot!  I have been working on this dress for a while (March 27th to May 13th), and got to wear it all finished and pretty at Damsels in Distress.  I was thinking about entering it into the Baronial A&S, but

Dressform for my A&S Jacket

So I heard that it is a good idea to put your clothing entries in A&S on forms/manikins (a legitimate spelling, as far as I can tell).  I did not have one, so it was time to make one! I

Wool Jacket