Dressform for my A&S Jacket

So I heard that it is a good idea to put your clothing entries in A&S on forms/manikins (a legitimate spelling, as far as I can tell).  I did not have one, so it was time to make one!

I had this wire mesh stuff laying around (a gift from my mom) and thought that it might work for this project.  It seemed to work well enough. :)  I wrapped the wire around a size six dress form, which I found in the theater department.  Took the wire off of the dress form and then used staples to close up the open side.

I tried to put the jacket onto the form but it wouldn’t fit!  The form was too big.  So I squished it down until I could get the jacket on.  The boobs pretty much completely disappeared, lol.


Sideview of Wireform

Next I added on strips of newspaper dipped in a water-flour mixture.  I used to do this as a kid with my mom around balloons, creating pinatas.  Each layer dried super fast in the sun.  It made the form a lot less fragile.  It could be squished pretty easily when it was just wire.

Paper mache layer

When it was all dry, I tried the jacket on it again.  Now the form was way too small!  WTF.  I guess the jacket was catching so much on the wire that it didn’t want to go on the form easily until it was much smaller.  Tricked me into squishing the wire too much.  I was thinking of just painting the form white, but decided to wrap it in fabric, hoping to make it just a tiny bit bigger.

Completed Form

And here it is at the A&S competition, all official and such.  :p  Success!

Jacket in A&S Competition

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