Elizabethan Sweet Bag

1 The Original Inspiration2 Possible Designs5 Penned Design on Fabric6 Working on the Red7 Economical Use of Thread3 Final Design on Graph Paper
8 Filling in the Black 9 White Text Area10 Or now the Yellow Text Area11 Blue Sky12 Sky Done13 Text and Stars
15 Fingerloop Cord14 Sadly Dyed16 Fabric Comparing4 Digital Colored Design17 Tassels18 Pull Loops
19 Lining Sewn On20 Drawstring and  More Tassels21 Done and Closed23 Plus Gifts22 Front and Back

Elizabethan Sweet Bag, a set on Flickr.

I made a Sweet Bag for someone sweet :) There are many examples of this type of bag at Larsdatter’s site:http://www.larsdatter.com/sweetbags.htm

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