Hello! I have been muchly busy…

As you may or may not know, I go to MD to visit my parents each summer.  Last year I finally got to go to Pennsic, and this year I am going again!  However, I didn’t bring any garb, figuring I would just make a bunch with all the free time I’d have.  So I’ve made a few dresses, and a bunch of accessories!

Pictures start now:

Elizabethan Shift

I finally finished this late period shift.  I made the gussets way too small, and also french seamed it (which is such a pain for gussets!), so I got sort of frustrated with it and let it sit for a few days till I finished it.  Bigger gussets means it fits much better.  I swear I tried to make the neckband bigger on this one, but it still ended up a bit too small to close completely.  I love the ruffs on the cuff and neck very much!  They are cartridge pleated within an inch of their life.  I think the ruff is about 6x longer than the band, it’s crazy.  I am really pleased with how it looks.  I was going to put tie-strings on the wrist cuffs, but thought it might be annoying to always have to ask someone else to tie it for me; I am pretty sure I would not be able to tie them by myself.  So I put in a mother of pearl button/bead, and a buttonstitched loop, and was able to successfully  close my cuff all by myself :)

Bluegrey Sleeves

Bit of an update on the blue/grey dress:  I have matching sleeves now!  I wanted sleeves that I could roll up, so they had to be split enough to allow that.  There’s only one button at the moment, but I dont really think I am going to be wearing them down very often, so I am not worried about it for right now.

Corded Corset First Fitting

I started working on a corded corset, but decided to hold off on finishing it, since I won’t be needing it for war.  It needs a fair bit of modification still.


I made a pretty partlet!  I actually made two, each with very different patterns.  It will be interesting to see which works better in actual use.

Two Aprons a Day...

Two gathered aprons, one for my mom and one for me.  I like aprons :)

I have many more things done that I haven’t taken pictures of, but I am sure I will at some point here.  Hoping to get lots of pictures of them being worn at war.

The total list of things I have made just this summer for sca:

-A fairly successful reversible dress for mom
-Four simple shifts, no ruffles or anything
A fancy shift, pretty ruffles included
-Two white ruffled partlets, one more rectangular than the other
-Two elizabethan coifs: one with pretty lace on the edge, the other is plain (not including the experimental one I posted about last week)
-The blue/grey italian dress, with matching sleeves
The pink 1400’s kirtle
-Two gathered white aprons
-Many rectangular white cloths to be used for various things: apron, headwear, bags, partlet, etc.
Coral jewelry

Things I made last year and left here:
-Green openlaced dress for my sister, but I am going to wear it
-Red italian for mom
-Simple and loose grey dress for mom
-One simple shift, that fits wonderfully, so I used it as the basis for all the ones I made this summer

Things I would like to make (and I have less than a week, so it’s crunch time) but probably wont:
Green simple dress for mom, same pattern as the grey one I made last year DONE
-A St. Birgitta cap, to be able to pin veils to
-Perhaps a hood, only if I get the Birgitta cap done though  DONE
-Mom wants a ruffled shift for herself, which is not very fast to make :p
-An italian tie-on pocket/purse – these are wonderfully useful
-Leather shoes, soft soled style
-Leather pouch, to hang on my skirts
-Black over-partlet
-Fix up the pattens that I already shaped the wood for
-Hem some fabric so that it’s useable for lazy early roman style garb
-Figure out a way to strap a basket so I can wear it like a backpack
-And maybe another late period kirtle/dress.  Maybe.  We’ll see.

Big list there!  What I get done will depend on motivation and what I feel like working on on any given day.  I have all of the supplies for these things, and pretty much totally free days.  Time for me to get off the computer and start working :)

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