ToDo list for Pennsic: Tuesday Update

Leather Sheath

Things I would like to make (and I have less than a week, so it’s crunch time) but probably wont:
Green simple dress for mom, same pattern as the grey one I made last year DONE
-A St. Birgitta cap, to be able to pin veils to
-Perhaps a hood, only if I get the Birgitta cap done though  DONE
-Mom wants a ruffled shift for herself, which is not very fast to make :p HELL YES DONE (except I need to add buttons to the cuffs)
-An italian tie-on pocket/purse – these are wonderfully useful
-Leather shoes, soft soled style   DONE (in progess pics, and finished)
-Leather pouch, to hang on my skirts
-Leather sheath for the bollock knife my Sunshine made for me DONE
-Black over-partlet
-Fix up the pattens that I already shaped the wood for
-Hem some fabric so that it’s useable for lazy early roman style garb
-Figure out a way to strap a basket so I can wear it like a backpack
-And maybe another late period kirtle/dress.  Maybe.  We’ll see.

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