IRCC II: Doublet Mockup

So last week I posted about how I was re-sizing my SO’s slightly too small doublet to fit me. I have finished, and here are the results: I have a new doublet :3

Doublet Resizing

I seam ripped everything apart! Which is sort of fun when you don’t mind that you are undoing a bunch of your own work. I laid my pattern on top of the old body pieces, and was very fortunate that everything pretty much fit inside of the old pieces. I had to do a little bit of piecing in the shoulder on one side, but not too bad all told. The body took the most dramatic changes, especially the front, becoming much shorter and smaller in the waist and shoulder. All the other pieces had to be shortened by an inch or two here and there, and generally trimmed up (the seam ripping was rather rough on some spots).

Doublet on Mannequin

My stays were still on my mannequin (I am thinking of naming her Dolly, saying Mannequin every time is a bit unwieldy) so I took a few quick pictures in the sunlight. I really need to work on a solution for taking outdoor pictures of myself, they come out so much better than the yellowy inside light.

So the doublet fits on my mannequin just fine, though the top of the chest sags in a bit where the dressform has less flesh than I do. Next is the real test when I take the stays off the dressform and onto my own form.

Doublet with Stays

They fit! Although there is a small bit of oddness at the upper part of my chest. The problem seems to be alleviated a bit by opening the top few buttons, so perhaps I need to play with the pattern a bit more, but all in all, it turned out as well as I could have hoped.

I couldn’t resist trying on the doublet with my matching kirtle (which is the whole reason I made the doublet for my SO in the first place!).

Doublet With Matching Kirtle

No stays here! Just my blue kirtle underneath. And it still fits quite well! There is a small bit of wrinkling under the bust, but not enough to bother me.  And definitely not enough to be a patterning issue, it’s more likely a construction and/or materials problem.  It is completely unboned, and the red Don Gabriel doublet will likely be unboned too.

Check out other parts of this outfit below:

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