IRCC II: Patterning

IRCC II: Patterning

I have my doublet pattern mostly worked out I think.  I draped a new pattern out on my sort of dress form, and assuming that it turns out successfully, it is definitely a super fast way to make new patterns.  It’s not perfectly Me shaped, but close enough to speed up the pattern making process.

Doublet Pattern Draping

R had a doublet that I made for him but it came out a bit too small.  Physically possible to put on, but not very comfortable.  I am in the process of making it even smaller, to fit myself.  Which is perfect, since I have a dress that matches it, and this is a perfect opportunity to try out my newly made doublet pattern!  I made sure to copy down all the pieces of the doublet as I took it apart, and document any adjustments I made.  So I not only have the front and back torso patterned, I will also have the collar, wings, sleeves, and skirting patterned out.  Woot!  Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope that when I am all done sewing up the re-sized blue doublet, it will actually fit me nicely, and therefore make a good test/mockup for the fancy red IRCC doublet.  I don’t know how much I will have to adjust the sleeve pattern to account for all the slashing: I am guessing that it will just have to be made a little bit longer if anything.

Check out other parts of this outfit below:

I try to post my projects in an easy to read, dress diary type format. When I first started learning to sew historical outfits, I found dress diaries to be the most helpful learning tools. I want to contribute my projects in the hopes that they will prove just as useful for others.

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