Month: August 2012

IRCC II: Complete

Done! Mostly done anyways.  There are several changes I would still like to make, like adding some red silk for contrast in the hat band, and a simple codpiece for the pants.  But for the purposes of the challenge, I

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Making a friend smile with a gift

A good friend of R and mine is a lovely lady who sometimes needs a little reminder that she is a hero to our (previous) barony and kingdom.  R thought that as a hero, she should have an action figure!   :D  Thus

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IRCC II: Portrait Miniature Necklace

Submitted another IRCC II update, but I think I will hold off on reposting it here since it would just be redundant.  However, I do have something new and shiny to show off: A portrait miniature necklace!  There are many

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