Making a friend smile with a gift

A good friend of R and mine is a lovely lady who sometimes needs a little reminder that she is a hero to our (previous) barony and kingdom.  R thought that as a hero, she should have an action figure!   :D  Thus the Amazing Bloxam Action-Figure was born.

Little Norse Doll

I have always thought it would be fun to make dolls out of those art posable mannequins.  Here was my chance!

Perks of using one of these mannequins to make a doll:
A complete form with lots of room for customization.
Fairly cheap (less than $10).
Easy to paint surface.
Lightly posable.
Moderately tough (wont break if it suffers a fall off the shelf).

Sort of blocky and simple in shape. Need to paint/carve fingers (if you want them) and smooth down the chest.
The head isn’t round.  I don’t mind simple, just wish they were spherical instead.
The elbows and knees don’t bend as much as I would like.

Little Norse DollLittle Norse DollLittle Norse Doll

The face, waterbottle, and plate of food are all made of air dry paper clay.  Very light, and drys quickly.  The clay doesn’t stick to the doll’s wooden surface very well, so I had to shape the face, let it dry, then glue it on.  Seems pretty sturdy now.

Little Norse Doll

She even has little matching tattoos!

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