14th Century Ryan Doll

14th Century Ryan Doll

A very sweet boy in our barony had a birthday coming up (in October) and since I was on a doll kick, I made him one.  His family does mostly late 14th century garb, so I scoured Larsdatter for every 1370s ish image I could find (of men) and decided on my main inspiration images.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find much more than this one at the moment.  This is why projects should be posted immediately after they are done!  I took far too long to post this. 

20-alimenti, vino rosso,Taccuino Sanitatis, Casanatense 4182

Here he is in all his 12 inch adorableness.  With a trusty dachshund companion (named Noodle) I made a few months prior, just for fun.

Day Eight - Trusty Steed

Little Ryan comes with a shirt, braies, chausses, tunic, hood and a belt.  No shoes, since I couldn’t think of a good way to make some that would not have to be sewed in place.


The rest of the images of the doll on on my flickr.

Full FigureClose upUnclothedChaperonBackRide!
Day Eight - Trusty SteedDay Seven - Medieval

14th Century Doll, a set on Flickr.

I try to post my projects in an easy to read, dress diary type format. When I first started learning to sew historical outfits, I found dress diaries to be the most helpful learning tools. I want to contribute my projects in the hopes that they will prove just as useful for others.

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