Pins and Needles Dress


Pins and Needles Dress

Yay!  I was so proud of this dress when I made it.  It has taken me a few months to get good pictures, and a few more months to finally upload them, but here we are!  I still love the dress, but I can definitely see where I would change it if I were to make it again.

When I found the sewing themed fabric, it seemed like such a perfect and fun print to make a modern dress with, I just couldn’t resist.  The image on the bottom right shows some of my decision making process after I found the fabric.  The pattern was made by me, and is fairly simple.  A big rectangle for the skirt, a small one for the waist, and a sort of funny looking triangle for the bust (draped until it looked about right).  I am not fond of the way the back looks, but that’s a problem for next time.  There’s elastic in the back half of the waist band, so I didn’t have to make any closure.

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