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14th Century Ryan Doll

A very sweet boy in our barony had a birthday coming up (in October) and since I was on a doll kick, I made him one.  His family does mostly late 14th century garb, so I scoured Larsdatter for every

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Making a friend smile with a gift

A good friend of R and mine is a lovely lady who sometimes needs a little reminder that she is a hero to our (previous) barony and kingdom.  R thought that as a hero, she should have an action figure!   :D  Thus

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IRCC II: Portrait Miniature Necklace

Submitted another IRCC II update, but I think I will hold off on reposting it here since it would just be redundant.  However, I do have something new and shiny to show off: A portrait miniature necklace!  There are many

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Elizabethan Sweet Bag

Italian Paintings: Hair in 1540-1610

Hello there!  I have been reassembling my picture library, and have been particularly intrested in collecting italian, late period images.  What I have is far from complete, but I am getting there, and have already started looking at interesting things. This

Dressform for my A&S Jacket

So I heard that it is a good idea to put your clothing entries in A&S on forms/manikins (a legitimate spelling, as far as I can tell).  I did not have one, so it was time to make one! I

Making Turnshoes

I made a pair of turnshoes a few years ago as a Christmas present.  I learned a few things (Like a bigger upper is a good idea, you can always cut away the extra if it’s too high), and finally

Lamellar Continued, and a C-Belt

So, I had to do something with all those lamellar pieces I made, right? First I tied rows of it together using some paracord – I think it took about 27 of them to go around my body? Then I tie the

Making Lamellar Plates

I am trying to get into hard suit.  To do this, I need armor!  I happen to have access to the school metal shop, so I figured I can make some of my own stuff.  I decided to get started

Soft Shoe

I got a bunch of soft, somewhat thin leather from my parents. Decided to make a one-piece shoe for myself. They are super simple, I basically put a square of leather under my food and draped it, and pinched it,