Lazy Herjolfsnes 63

How to make a 14th century men's coat, on

A friend of mine requested a copy of a coat he already owns.  His coat is similar to the late 14th century Herjolfsnes 63 garment, although with far fewer seams, and simpler sleeve shaping (which is why I am calling it the lazy version!).  I have actually already helped him do that a couple of years ago, but this time I took pictures!  Here’s a walk-through for anyone hoping to make something similar. Read more ›

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12th Century: Fit for a King and Queen

12th Century Outfits Fit for a King and Queen at

Last September at Emprise of the Black Lion (that’s the event I made the cute horse and lion buckles for!) I was asked by the crown prince of An Tir to consider making his and his princess’s coronation gowns.  I have helped with coronation outfits before, but only in bits and pieces, never in charge of the whole shebang!  So this was an awesome experience, it was very fun and interesting going through all the garb creation steps with a ‘client’ for the first time.

They quickly decided that they wanted 12th century Sicilian-Norman outfits consisting of an over and under garment for each of them, and a veil for her Highness.   I drew up a game plan, and after a bit of back and forth for color changes and such, we had the outfit plan: Read more ›

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Venetian Zimarra

I have seen many loose overgowns or coats, both in portraiture and on costumers.  They made me think that it might be nice someday to make a loose gown to wear around camp as lazy garb when I am just not quite in the mood to lace up yet.  But it wasn’t until I saw this image that I ramped up to “OMG, I MUST HAVE THIS!”.  It didn’t hurt that I was in the middle of the 4th IRCC, which served as a nice motivator to get up and go make one now.  So I got up and went to the fabric store. Read more ›

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Pewter Garter Buckle

A couple of months ago, I wondered if there were any extant 15th or 16th century artifacts on Ebay.  I know that lots of little metal bits are found in Europe and sold online to collectors: many pewter reproduction makers like to buy them so that they can make an exact copy to sell to reenactors like me.  On this fortuitous day of wondering, I stumbled upon this buckle:

Read more ›

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1580s Venetian Gown

I have entered the Realm of Venus Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge again!

Lately I have made several outfits that were pretty much directly based off of one specific painting, so this time I am going to go wild and grab elements from different gowns that I like!  But that does mean I need to buckle down and pick which specific gown elements I like and want to recreate, and keep track of them so I don’t forget where I saw that fabulous stripped frothy thing, or that other lacy doodad. Read more ›

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Curiously Shaped Purse

Curiously Shaped Purse at

“Lute Shaped Bag”, I Mestieri della moda a Venezia dal XIII al XVIII Secolo. Ala Napoleonica E Museo Correr, Venice. 1988. Click for more information at Realm of Venus.

I have long admired the purse in Realm of Venus‘s extant garments collection, for it’s giggle factor and unusual shape. I think I was rather confused about its purpose: for some reason I thought that the shaped section must be useable. Perhaps the top came off and it was a sort of flask? Perhaps there’s a seam on the side that I can’t see and it actually flips open to reveal the storage space? I dismissed it as a “Huh, that’s weird” object and moved on.    But recently I saw a pair of purses on Pinterest that caught my eye due to their similarity to the fancy purse. Read more ›

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Men in Antwerp

From about 1550 to 1570, Pieter Aertsen and Joachim Beuckelaer made a wonderful number of paintings depicting working class folk, selling in the market, working on the docks, and hanging out in their homes.  Though they did travel around a bit, it seems that most of the painting would have been based on people in Antwerp.  I am making some outfits for my husband and I based off of the paintings of the artists above.  I already started collecting and comparing the various parts of female dress, and here’s the companion post for the guys! Read more ›

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Pewter Figure-Top Spoon

I saw this spoon while randomly browsing the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website and decided that clearly I must have a lady-topped spoon.  Except instead of a little slash n’ puff German lady, I wanted a little Italian lady on mine! Read more ›

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Ascension Day

Originally I started this Ascension Day project just for the apron. But once I got the apron done, I figured I might as well have the rest of the outfit that goes with it! Read more ›

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Venetian Festival Shoes: Outside

My inside shoes for the Ascension Day project are done, but they need over-shoes for protection! Read more ›

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