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12th Century: Fit for a King and Queen

12th Century Outfits Fit for a King and Queen at MorganDonner.com

Last September at Emprise of the Black Lion (that’s the event I made the cute horse and lion buckles for!) I was asked by the crown prince of An Tir to consider making his and his princess’s coronation gowns.  I have

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1580s Venetian Gown

I have entered the Realm of Venus Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge again! Lately I have made several outfits that were pretty much directly based off of one specific painting, so this time I am going to go wild and grab elements

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Ascension Day

Originally I started this Ascension Day project just for the apron. But once I got the apron done, I figured I might as well have the rest of the outfit that goes with it!

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Antwerpen Dress

Whenever I am thinking of making a new dress, my first step is always to search out as many similar dresses as I can and study them. I look for things that are universal or common to most of the

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Ascension Day Dress

So continuing off of the Ascension Day Apron post, I figured I might as well make the rest of the outfit to go with the nifty new apron.

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Matching Russet Outfits Part 2

Part 2 contains the female half of the outfits, click Part 1 for the male half! Now on to the ladies portion of the russet red wool outfits!  Just as a quick reminder, I am working on a pair of

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Italian Turquoise Dress Update

I recently received a lovely gift from my fiancé: The Clothing of the Renaissance World. This book contains all the images from Cesare Vecellio’s Habiti Anichi et Moderni, the second 1598 edition. I was surprised at how often the artist

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Pins and Needles Dress


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Little Turkish Doll

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Venetian Dress

The pattern for this was pretty simple, just three lines of a rectangle, plus a concave part at the bottom. There’s quite a bit of wrinkling, but I figured/hoped that once I added the skirt to the bottom of the

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